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Learn How To Free Up Small Laundry Rooms

Thursday, June 14, 2018 4:31:04 AM America/Los_Angeles

Learn How To Free Up Small Laundry Rooms

Having a small laundry room creates plenty of challenges, but they can be overcome with the right strategy. Despite the media’s portrayal of spacious laundry rooms, people are confronted with a different reality when moving into an apartment. What should be spacious is usually extremely cramped, so making the most out of the space you have is essential. Making this transition is usually easier said than done, but there’s still hope for those who are feeling claustrophobic.

Luckily, the only thing stopping us from enjoying our laundry rooms is having the right game plan. By making the most out of the space available, we have the opportunity to win back our laundry rooms. Even though it seems unattainable, this skill isn’t hard to learn. For this reason, we have come up with a list of tips to win back space in the laundry room. No one should feel trapped while folding clothes, so learn how to make the most out of a small space!

Tips for Making Space in Small Laundry Rooms

Tip #1: Add a Folding Board – Getting your clothes in order doesn’t have to be a chore. One of the best ways to make things simple is by using a folding board. This can be installed as a countertop on top of your washing machines, or it can be pulled out like a drawer. Either way is compact & stylish, so figure out which works best for your laundry room!

Tip #2: Get a Side Table – While adding a bench or countertop can be cumbersome, a few strategic furniture pieces can save the day. Our epic line of Side Tables provide the perfect solution when space is tight. They can easily be moved to where you need it, so get the counter space you deserve.

Tip #3: Install a Built-In Ironing Board – While ironing boards are great, having one fold out from the wall is ideal. This allows you to free up space without sacrificing the most valuable tool in your arsenal. There are plenty of wall-mounted options available, so take advantage of them.

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