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Demo sub pages with special style

We have re-design all import pages , for example Login pages, Register, Forgot pages, My account , Checkout , Contact us. it is very friendly and easy to us for end-user

Login pages

Register pages

My Account pages

Contact us pages

StepbyStep checkout 1 (magento 1.9)

StepbyStep checkout 2 (magento 1.9)

StepbyStep checkout 3 (magento 1.9)

StepbyStep checkout 4 (magento 1.9)

Fly ajax cart extension

Animation fly effect for Ajax Product cart, making products fly to Mini cart and fly to bottom sidebar cart

Megamenu Pro Drag & Drop

Easy build your megamenu with Drag & Drop features and support many dropdown style tabs, List, icons...

Shop By Brand Extension For Magento 2

For Store Admin

  • Easy to filter or search the brand
  • Add brands to Top menu, sidebar
  • Support WYSIWYG Editor to edit description of the brand
  • Best SEO practies
  • Customizable the style
  • Display brand logo in the product page
  • Configure the meta tags for brand pages
  • Limit the number of brands in sidebar
  • Insert featured brand block to any page and position with widget

  • Support product types: simple, downloadable, configurable, virtual, bundle
  • Bulk import Brands from CSV file.
  • Support in customizing characters for the Alphabet filter.
  • Supports in styling the Brand Mega Menu: in column and in row.
  • Supports in styling the Brand List: slider, static list and alphabet list.
  • Allows displaying Featured Brand, Brand search box in the sidebar.
  • Allows ajax layer navigation on brand page.
  • Displays product quantity with every brand in the Brand list page.
  • Full responsive design which is perfectly compatible with each device.

For Customers

  • Get all brands of all products.
  • Get the featured brands.
  • Ajax Loading for instant searching the brands.
  • Get the brand details: name, logo, banner, description, featured products.
  • View all brands of all products listed in alphabetical order.
  • View featured brand list.
  • View brand list by name or logo.
  • Access brand list from top link or main menu.

Ajax layered navigation

Let's improve your store layered navigation with additional useful features! Ajax Layered Navigation will help you

Show More view product imagess

You can show All more view product images on Home pages...

Advanced Category Search Extension

Easy optimize your store search and save the time of your customers. You can quickly find any product by specifying its category in the search bar of your store.

Lookbook Professional Extension For Magento 2

  • Possible to create lookbooks with different subjects.
  • Possible to manage lookbooks by categories
  • Possible to use lookbook to sell product set
  • Possible to share lookbook to social network.
  • Display lookbook category menu on left sidebar.
  • Display lookbook cover and thumbnail.
  • Display lookbook grid.
  • New features are regularly updated.

Megamenu Drag & Drop

The simplest way to build your menu is drag and drop any element you want. You can built easily as your Megamenu. Codazon Megamenu pro and appears either vertically or horizontally on your awesome website just like you want.

Megamenu with multi tabs content

Both megamenu for Fashion store

Sport style for your megamenu

Mobile/Responsive megamenu

Amazing Blog Features

Suppo Blog post images , Video, Audio and many amazing features for your Prestashop site

Details & Powerfull themesetting & color setting

You can change color for each part of the site , Header, footer ,Megamenu , Tab contens...

Support multi color change for your site

Color change in details

Details themesetting