Rockler has come out with a new ceiling track system, for use in garages, workshops, and other settings. It’s designed for keeping vacuum hoses and power cords up and out of the way, while still allowing them to move as you work.

The Rockler ceiling track system is launching with one type of rail, 4′ PVC, and 2 types of hooks – a closed ring and a large hook.

There are adjustable track stops, to prevent the trolleys (rollers) from coming out of the track, or for limiting the trolleys’ movement, and two types of trolleys – one that rolls freely, and one that locks in place.

The trolleys are threaded to 5/16″ -18. In theory, you might be able to make your own accessories using compatible hardware or threaded rod.

There are 2 sizes of J-hooks, medium for holding vacuum hoses up to 2-1/2″, and large for fitting hoses or other objects up to 4″ in diameter. They’re both made from steel, with a rubberized coating.

The ring hook has a 1-1/2″ inner diameter, and is sized for power cords, air hoses, and other such objects.

Each attachment and trolley combo is rated to hold up to 20 lbs. Now’s a good time to mention that the rails are rated to hold up to 60 lbs each.

Here’s a closer look at the locking trolley, which has a large knob for finger tightening.

The starter set, including one rail, mounting hardware, two track stops, a rolling trolley, a locking trolley, a ring hook, and 2-1/2″ J-hook, is priced at $70. Accessory bundles and individual attachments are also available.